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What are Cleanzyme products?

The CleanZyme Line of specialty products provide a revolutionary new approach to traditional cleaning. CleanZyme products provide a biological cleaning action that diminishes the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Why use the Cleanzyme Product LIne?

All of products in the CleanZyme Line are:

  • Easy To Dilute
  • Easy To Rinse
  • VOC Free
  • Formulated to meet tough green standards

Each of these products are specially formulated for cleaning professionals to be:

  • Safe to handle
  • Safe to use
  • Safe for the environment

Available Cleanzyme Products


CleanZyme™ Floor Cleaner

A super concentrated, no rinse floor cleaner formulated with biodegradable surface active agents. Removes surface dirt without reducing gloss. Additionally, helps neutralize the haze commonly associated with chemical ice melt treatments. Will break down and remove natural oils that are associated with food prep areas.

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SDS Reference No: 2353
pH Concentrate: 9
pH Use Dilution: 7.5-8
Dilutions:1 oz er gallon


CleanZyme™ All Surface Cleaner

A cleaner for multi-surface cleaning. Can be used in a variety of different applications from light duty cleaning all the way to heavy degreasing in industrial applications. Safe to use on virtually and surface from walls to food service areas to storage areas.

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SDS Reference No: 2352
pH Concentrate: 8
pH Use Dilution: 7.5
Dilutions:1 oz er gallon

ShowerCleaner #2351

CleanZyme™ Shower Cleaner

A product formulated to easily remove scale, soap and soap scum buildup from showers and restroom. Will not leave behind any residue. Leaves areas looking very clean and smelling fresh. Great for us in gyms, institutions, and any other locations with shower facilities.

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SDS Reference No: 2351
pH Concentrate: 4
pH Use Dilution: 4.5-5
Dilutions: 4-6 oz per galllon


CleanZyme™ Bathroom Cleaner

A heavy duty environmentally formulated bowl and bathroom cleaner that can be used on virtually any surface to remove soils, body oils, and soap scum. Will clean and freshen bowls and urinals. Just spray and wipe to remove all soils. Will also remove hard water, scale buildup, and hard water stains from chrome and other bathroom surfaces.

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SDS Reference No: 2350
pH Concentrate: 7.5-8
pH Use Dilution: 7
Dilutions:1 oz er gallon

Odor Eliminator #2355

CleanZyme™ Odor Eliminator

A powerful odor counteractant for use in dumpsters and around recycling and refuse containers. Chemically destroys malodors. Use for general deodorizing, and in heavy duty applications. Contains odor inhibitors to change the molecular structure of odor causing substances.

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SDS Reference No: 2354
pH Concentrate: 7.5-8
pH Use Dilution: 7
Dilutions:4-8 oz per gallon

Refresh #2356

CleanZyme™ Refresh

A source of naturally occurring enzymes that will break down organic matter and eliminate associated odors. Powerful odor counteractants will leave area clean and odor free.

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SDS Reference No: 2356
pH Concentrate: 7
pH Use Dilution: 7
Dilutions: 4-8 oz per gallon


CleanZyme™ Carpet & Upholstery

A special blend of professional-strength detergents and a combination of additives that penetrate and break down oil- and water-based soils so they can be easily fl ushed away. Also added are outstanding anti-resoiling agents specifi cally designed to keep carpet cleaner longer. The fast-acting formula gives carpet the new look your customers love.

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SDS Reference No: 2357
pH Concentrate: 7.5-8
pH Use Dilution: 7.5
Dilutions:1 oz er gallon


CleanZyme™ Heavy Duty Degreaser

A powerful non butyl cleaner/degreaser which removes the toughest grease and grime. Removes grease, ink, crayon, pencil, lipstick, black heel marks, smoke film, greasy food soils, and other tough stains. This amazing cleaner can be used in almost any application on any washable surface. Besides being extremely tough on grease and grime, it has been specially formulated to leave behind no sticky residues.

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SDS Reference No: 2358
pH Concentrate: 11
pH Use Dilution: 10.5
Dilutions: 1-2 oz per gallon



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