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Why Choose


Safer for the environment.

The specially formulated detergent packages allow cleaning to be done with less chemical and less water.

Faster Cleaning Times

The powerful detergents used in these products allow the chemical being used to do more of the work, required a shorter dwell time and less scrubbing than with traditional chemcials.


Lower Chemical Costs

Each product is highly concentrated allowing for more economical and easier use dilutions. Less water equals a more efficient chemical.

Slower Evaporation

Special foaming characteristics allow chemicals to dwell longer allowing for slower evaporation on contact and create a barrier to keep chemicals active longer.


Environmentally Formulated

With the exception of the Gutter Cleaner and Hood Cleaner, ALL products are VOC Free, Phosphate Free, Cuastic Free, and Bleach Free.

Customer Satisfaction

All of the ecowash products have been formulated and tested with special perfumes and odor encapsulators to help combat the harsh chemical odors often found in the cleaning process.


100% Biodegradable

All of the ecowash product are formulated to be 100% biodegradable and are formulated to work well together without any compatibility issues.

Because We Care

Syntec cares about you the customer and the environment. We work closely with industry professionals to make cleaning safer and more efficient


EcoWash Benefits

  • Lowers chemical and labor costs by using less product.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • High foaming detergent system carries dirt away.
  • More efficient chemical use due to user knowing exactly where product has been.
  • Decreases the need for hot water cleaning. Cold water cleaning is always an option.
  • Improves clinging power of products to diminish run-off, allowing for longer dwell time.
  • In many cases, user will use up to 25% less product per application.



What is needed to use the Ecowash products?

The foam builders in this products will not be maximized unless a foaming applicator is used. Almost any foaming apparatus can be installed or used, wether it be a handheld applicator or an add on to an existing system. Consult your local representative to find the best foaming system for your individual application.

Environmentally Compliant

All products in the ecowash line are make with 100% biodegradable ingredients keeping your customers and the environment in mind at all times.

Environmentally Resourceful

Patented foaming technology combined with proprietary polymers allow for lower chemical use and quicker rinsing for decreased water usage.

Environmentally Sound

Our packaging used is made from at least 20% recycled plastic. We strive to eliminate as much waste as possible in all of our processes.



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