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Our Trained Industry Professionals can provide hands-on support to keep any restaurant and food prep establishments clean with a complete line of commercial detergents and support. We know that your image is one of the keys to success.

Syntec offers a full line of Food Industry Cleaning products including:


Manual, Encapsulated, and 3 bay detergents.

Floor Care:

Sealers and finishes for resilient and non-resilient floors, high solids, high durability, low maintenance, spray-buff, burnish mop-on, green finish and stripper.

Oven & Grill Cleaners:

To clean the toughest carbonized soils with a variety of product options depending upon oven surfaces or applications preferences.


Quaternary and chlorine-based formulation that are EPA approved carrying the common kill claims required for foodservice  operations to treat all food contact surfaces.

Hand Care:

A full range of hand soaps including general purpose anti-microbial formulation for both kitchens and restroom and Instant Hand Sanitizers to maintain healthy hands through proper hand washing practices.

Odor Control:

Air care, deodorants and odor control, portable toilet deodorants.

Drain Maintenance:

Various formula options from high caustic to bio-based technology that keep drains flowing free and eliminate the foul odor  associated with organic soil build-up.

If you want your facility to keep running at its best and continue to meet all processing standards, Click Here.

We also offer a complete service package that is available to qualified customers. To learn more about these programs call our office 800.255.4050 and we will walk you through the step by step process.



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