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Going Beyond Selling Detergents

Patriot Chemicals has a full-service process, starting with installing the right equipment for your facility. Our field technicians will work with you in assessing the needs. Then, we will manage the ordering and installation process for you.

Patriot Chemical has a wide variety of systems to choose from, ranging from a three product to six product system. By utilizing premium products, our field technicians can easily deliver high-quality results.


Responsibility starts with the right cleaning program. Our trained professionals will recommend a specific chemical program that is designed for your facility. Our goal is to make suggestions that will make your facility run more efficiently.


Setting You Up For Success

It’s also about training and educating you and your employees on the importance of proper laundering procedures. Effective training is key to a successful cleaning program. Patriot can provide quality solutions that incorporate the practical experience into your procedures. Our technicians will implement the most cost effective techniques in applying the latest chemical technology in the industry.

Patriot’s highly trained field sales representatives provide on-site support and training and will customize a program that is suited to your specific needs.


Keeping Your Facility Moving

As an example of our total responsibility for ware washing and laundry results: We provide dish machines and/or laundry injection equipment install, supply proper chemicals, train personnel on care of equipment and proper procedures, use of specialty cleaning products and mixing stations, submit service reports to management with information regarding water hardness, temperature, result, and procedures.

If there is any type of equipment problem, it is our responsibility to rectify it. Our skilled service technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.




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