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Refresh Air Care Products

With Patented Odor Guard Technology

Refresh Group

Long Lasting Fresh Scent

Encapsulates & Destroys Odors

Safe On All Fabrics & Surfaces

Available In Multiple Fragrances

Available In Concentrate Or Ready To Use

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What is Refresh?

A powerful odor eliminator and air freshener that has been formulated to attack the odor problem at the source using our Odor Guard Technology while leaving behind a fresh scent that will continue to work long after it has been applied. This easy to use product can be used almost anywhere including fabrics and hard surfaces. Using all natural and environmentally approved ingredients makes this product safe to use anywhere.

The Science behind Odor Guard Technology...

This exciting technology can change the world for many home and household care products, including air fresheners, cleaners, laundry and fabric care, carpet care, and pet products. Instead of masking unpleasant odors which often reappear later, Odor Guard eliminates smoke, pet, cooking, and biological malodors, while leaving behind a clean-smelling, invigorating freshness. The efficacy of Odor Guard technology is consumer friendly, long lasting, and has been proven in multiple scientific tests.

The idea behind Odor Guard technology is simple. It’s not harsh chemicals that fight odors. It’s the fragrance formula itself. In every product, the fragrance formula effectively ‘reconfigures’ the malodor so that human senses cannot detect a nasty smell. In its place, all that can be perceived is a beautiful, fresh-smelling ambience. And because of the way the fragrance is designed, the fragrancing effect can last for days.

Refresh products are developed from a full spectrum of contemporary fragrances including herbals, woods, fresh florals, powdery notes, fruits, berries, citrus, spices, and ozones.


Refresh Air Care Products are available in 3 different Powerful Formulas:

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Refresh Free

Professional Strength.....

A super concentrated formula that has been formulated for easy

dilution with cold water and can be used in any type of dispensing system.


Ready To Spray...

A ready to use formula that can be used at any time without the need of

prediluting and extra handling.


Refresh Free...

The same powerful Refresh Air Care Products without the use of heavy perfumes.

These products are dye and perfume free. Formulated with Odor

Guard Technology to combat odors without leaving any fragrances behind.




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