Restoration Industry

Restoration Products

As companies are less willing to buy new real estate, building restoration has become an ever thriving market to keep buildings and masonry looking like new. This requires heavy duty cleaning aided by heavy duty and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Bring back the new in old with our restoration products for aged and weathered masonry, concrete, and stone. Remove heavy carbon run-off on surfaces while removing layers of environmental dirt and debris.

We have available for this market…

Acid Cleaners:

Heavy duty acid cleaners for carbon removal.

Limestone Cleaners:

Cleaner for limestone and porous stone.

Environmentally Safe:

Non hazardous DFE approved cleaners

Concrete Cleaners:

Clean up new concrete and old concrete surfaces.

Efflorescence Remover:

Removes efflorescence as it builds up.

Graffiti Remover:

Heavy duty to solvent to green.

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