Retail Industry Cleaning Products

Retail facilities have a vast spectrum of requirements from food preparation, to floor care, to general maintenance. It takes a company like Syntec to provide all these plus the support that is required.

We offer complete food safety and sanitation solutions to any facility that is handling or packaging food from grocery stores, to supermarkets to specialty stores and bakeries. Our line of products are fully supported by our professionals to make sure your facility continues to meet the ever changing guidelines set forth by the USDA and FDA.

Our complete program includes these products and more…

Dish Washing:

Manual, automated and 3 bay sink detergents.

Floor Care:

Finishes, heavy duty cleaners, grout cleaners, enzymatic, and floor restoration.

Oven & Grill Cleaners:

To clean the toughest carbonized soils with a variety of product options depending upon oven surfaces or applications preferences.


EPA listed Quaternary and chlorine-based formulations.

Hand Care:

A full range of hand soaps including general purpose anti-microbial formulation for both kitchens and restroom and Instant Hand Sanitizers to maintain healthy hands through proper hand washing practices.

Odor Control:

To combat any malodors.

Drain Maintenance:

Enzymatic to high caustics to break down the heavies natural oils and grease build-up in drains.

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