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Synthetic labs is a 3rd generation family business that began back in the late 30's by Frank Hosmer.  He was sought out to provide cleaning chemicals to the mills who laundered uniforms provided to the armed forces.  From there, using his chemical expertise and industry experience, branched out into the cleaning field to manufacture industrial and commercial cleaners.

Until the late 1990's, Synthetic labs was primarily a toll blender for specialty products and a private label manufacturer for distributors in the cleaning chemical industry.

Since then, Synthetic labs has evolved from just a small private label manufacturer to a premier manufacturer of products for multiple cleaning markets and industries.  Our current distributor programs are unsurpassed.  For our distributors we have a full marketing and sales team that provides and designs a full line of private label marketing materials as well as provides customer support in house and on site.

In addition to building the customer base and names of our distributors, we currently manufacture a number of brands to help industry professionals grow their business by offering complete lines of industry specific products.



Product Customization

We at Synthetic Labs are dedicated to supplying you with the products that are needed to meet your specific needs. If there is a product can’t be identified within our product line to suit your needs, our technical team is ready to engineer a product to meet your unique requirements through product analysis, special formulations, product duplication and custom packaging for your particular application. Our team is eager to help you find the cleaning solution that will best fit your needs.  Our lead times for any order is 5 days making sure you and your customers aren't left without product.


Customer Service

Customer Service

While other companies have invested in expensive automated customer service departments, Synthetic Labs has decided that a customer should be greeted by real people who are will to help. While a computer automated system allows a company to save on man power, it usually means more time and work for the customer. Syntec is dedicated to supplying the highest level of service in the industry and will ensure that your needs and questions are answered quickly and efficiently. When you call Syntec you will not be asked to listen to long menu's of push button options, instead you will always be greeted by a courteous representative that is ready to serve you.



Private Label

Synthetic Labs has one of the most technologically advanced private label departments in the industry, having the capability to enhance your company image to the highest level and add value to your entire product line. Private labels are manufactured on polypropylene stock which enhances a product's appearance. Polypropylene stock allows a label to be resistant to chemicals while preventing the scratching and running of the label.




In a society where business is becoming fast paced, companies no longer have the ability to wait for shipments delivered in two or three weeks. Synthetic Labs recognizes the importance of quick service and has committed itself to shipping orders no more than one week from receipt of order. This includes in-stock items as well as any custom products that are manufactured specifically for the customer.  We ship to all 50 states.  Need it quick, let us know and we will get it out ASAP.


2017 GHS Regulatory Compliance

In a world where the workers’ safety is becoming more important, it is critical that they can have immediate access to technical information concerning any product that they handle. For this reason, Synthetic Labs has set up a number of outlets for a customer to obtain to such information. This includes, a toll-free line which can supply any customer with MSDS sheets and any D.O.T. information.

Products For Every Application in Any Industry.  Any of our products can be private labeled and customized allowing you to build your own brand.

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Patriot® Full Service Laundry & Warewashing Products

A complete line of full service laundry care and dishwashing products.  These products come with a full staff of technicians to will provide service, support, and installation for pumps and equipment used in the installation and use of the products.  Our staff will conduct preventative maintenance on accounts to ensure proper use, dilution, and equipment functionality.

Tricore™ Products

A comprehensive line of remediation products formulated specially for the remediation specialist.  Whether it be water, fire, mold and all three, we have products to Restore, Refresh, Revitilize any disaster environment.


Syntec® Janitorial & Industrial Cleaner

A complete line of products designed for professional cleaners.  These products are for Housekeeping, Janitorial, and Industrial Cleaning professionals.  These product include: Floor Care, Hand Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, Heavy Duty Degreasers, Bathroom Cleaners, Food Service & Food Prep cleaners.

ecowash® Products

A complete line of products for cleaning and restoring buildings, homes, concrete, and any other commercial or residential exterior.  These environmentally formulated products include everything from exterior surface cleaners, to wood restoration, to concrete surface cleaning.


ProClean™ Products

A complete line of products for the professional pressure washer.  These products can be used to clean buses, vehicles, trucks, heavy duty equipment, and trains.  Specially formulated for easy use and reclamation, the Proclean Line of products is ready to provide optimal results and are easy to use and rinse.  From All Purpose Cleaners, to Heavy Duty Aluminum Brighteners, you will find any product you need for virtually any cleaning application.



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Expedited Shipping

Synthetic Labs has committed itself to shipping orders no more than one week from receipt of order.

Private Labeling

Enhance your company image to the highest level and add value to your entire product line.

Ships In Less Than A Week

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Need Something Special?

Custom Product Formulations

2016 Regulatory Compliance

Immediate Access To Technical Info

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