About Us

We know how to build long term relationships, allowing you to use all of our resources. From product development to product marketing and sales, we have you covered.

  • Synthetic Labs was founded in 1939 by Frank Hosmer. With his strong background in chemistry, Frank was approached by a local laundry company to formulate and produce detergents for cleaning garments in the local mills. It was then that the foundation of Synthetic Labs as a formulator and distributor of laundry detergents was laid formally. For the next 25 years, Frank went on to expand his line of chemicals to include a full set of industrial cleaners
  • In 1965 one of Frank’s sons, Edward Hosmer decided to join Frank in his business to start expanding into new markets. With an automotive passion, Edward began working with local pressure washing companies to build a complete line of transportation cleaners. These cleaners would be the benchmark for the growth of Synthetic Labs. Realizing he couldn’t be a one-man show, he enlisted a gentleman by the name of David Miller to help run and grow the company

In 2000, Edwards 2 sons, Matthew and Stephen Hosmer, decided to join Edward as partners in Synthetic Labs. This new partnership resulted in a large growth in both product and company offerings, including the addition of their new in brands, allowing customer to now buy brand name products

As the company continued to grow and prosper, Matthew and Stephen acquired Patriot Chemical in 2012 as a full-service supplier of detergents and technicians to the laundry and warewashing industry as the leading manufacturers of products and services to the New England area as well

Since then, Synthetic labs has evolved from just a small private label manufacturer to a premier manufacturer of products for multiple cleaning markets and industries. Our current distributor programs are unsurpassed. For our distributors, we have a full marketing and sales team that provides and designs a full line of private label marketing materials as well as provides customer support in house and on site

In 2018 Synthetic Labs acquired the Biosolve Company to expand the company offerings to include a full line of oil remediation products. This new venture allowed the expansion of its offerings nationwide.

We have been building our experience effectively since 2000