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Why Use Ecowash Products

The Ecowash cleaning system is a revolutionary new cleaning process that uses new patented foaming technology to improve the cleaning process as well as decrease the levels of chemical required to do the same job.

Each of the Ecowash products has a patented cleaning system built into them allowing for a much longer dwell time and improved effectiveness.

Surfaces stay wet longer allowing the chemicals to do more work with less product. The detergent system combined with the builders and emulsifiers is quickly rinsed from the surfaces without leaving behind any residue.

Benefits of Choosing

Faster Cleaning

We manufacture all of our products to produce optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

Saves Water

All products are formulated with quick rinsing detergents and react quickly to eliminate heavy water use.


We have become a leading provider of detergents to contracts nationwide.


We know detergents are critical to your success.  We guarantee formulation and performance every time.

Saves Money

Products cling longer, allowing them to work longer, requiring up to 25% less chemical.

Clients Love It

Clients love the idea of using detergents that are safer for their properties and for the environment.

Longer Results

Because our products remove all the buildup, cleanings last longer and look better.


All products are formulated without harsh chemicals, pH balanced, VOC compliant, and are 100% biodegradable.

EcoWash Products


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Product Customization

We at Synthetic Labs are dedicated to supplying you with the products that are needed to meet your specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Workers’ safety requires immediate access to technical information concerning any product that they handle.

Private Labeling Program

Synthetic Labs has the capability to enhance your company image and add value to your product line.

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