Industrial Pressure Wash Soap

If cleanliness is essential in a home environment, it’s especially important in industrial settings. Whether the industry is manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, or another, not maintaining standards related to cleanliness is detrimental. It can be unsafe or even dangerous to employees and at the very least, it can prevent workers from doing their jobs properly.

Fortunately, businesses have an array of powerful cleaning tools at their disposal, and industrial pressure wash soap is one of the most powerful. Industrial pressure wash soap can be specially formulated to meet the specific needs of different buyers, and those formulas can also vary to meet both industry and safety compliance standards. 

Many other factors play into the power of industrial pressure wash soaps, so let’s take a deeper dive into how they’re made, why they’re so effective, and the important role they play in industrial cleaning. 

Industrial Pressure Wash Soap: The Basics

Most people don’t realize how specialized industrial pressure wash soap is made, including those who work in industries that use it.

So let’s start there. Industrial pressure wash soap has to be formulated to handle a wide variety of cleaning needs, including dealing with these contaminants:

  • Dirt and grime 
  • Grease and oil 
  • Mold and mildew
  • Industry-specific contaminants that require specialized ingredients 

Most of these contaminants occur in consumer environments, of course, but they’re often much harder to deal with in industrial settings. The industrial pressure wash soaps that experts use must have enhanced cleaning power to break up, dissolve, or remove these contaminants quickly.

They also have to provide protection without the extensive use of damaging harsh chemicals. In the case of contaminants like mildew and mold, they have to prevent regrowth and reappearance.

Finally, industrial pressure wash soap improves the aesthetics and efficiency in industrial settings. Workers in factories, for instance, do their jobs far more effectively when the factory floor is spotless. Studies have shown that it makes them more productive and enhances the reputation of businesses as well.

What Kind of Industrial Pressure Wash Soaps Work Best for Commercial Pressure Washers?

Pressure washing is a specialized form of cleaning, so much so that very specific soap formulas are required to get the job done right. 

Starting with pressure washer soaps in general, water is a primary ingredient, but these soaps also have to be tough enough to remove accumulated dirt and grime. In addition, they also have to be gentle and versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces. If you’re routinely cleaning industrial equipment or vehicles, that versatility is especially important. 

Pressure washing is used for a number of other industrial applications, and the soap used for each one must be specially formulated.

Here are some of the most common ingredients found in pressure wash soap:

  • Degreasers: These go beyond the basics of all-purpose pressure washing and have the ability to handle tough stains in environments like automotive repair shops, manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants.
  • Surfactants, solvents, and alkaline cleaners for concrete and masonry: Cleaning a highly used sidewalk or specialized masonry isn’t a task most of us will ever face, but it’s a common task in which pressure wash soap is used as a stablizer. These three cleaners need to be applied in a balanced formula that prevents damage to the concrete.

Rust Removers Used for Cleaning in Pressure Washer Soap

The main ingredients used to prevent or inhibit rust are phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, and hydrochloric acid. Even in the most pristine industrial environments, equipment, tools, and machinery will begin to show signs of rust. Special pressure washer soaps use these three acid-based ingredients to restore appearance and add years of life, saving money on maintenance and replacement.

Environmentally-Safe Pressure Washer Ingredients

Environmentally friendly ingredients include enzymes, citric acid, and plant-based surface cleaners. The movement toward environmentalism and sustainability has led to a shift toward cleaning products designed to protect the world around us. 

These three ingredients are organically based, but still tough and effective enough to be used in a variety of industrial applications where pressure washing is required.

Matching Industrial Pressure Washer Detergent and Soaps to Specific Cleaning Tasks

One of the key aspects of pressure washing is making sure the right soaps are matched to the cleaning jobs required by different industries. There are a number of factors that have to be carefully considered.

The first is the nature of the contaminants. A degreasing soap is an obvious choice for oil stains, for instance, while mold and mildew demand an entirely different type of pressure washing soap.

The surface material also plays a pivotal role. A cleaner that would be ideal for concrete would cause considerable damage to a wooden surface, so these kinds of issues must be carefully considered as well.

The specs of the pressure washer are important, too. The most common and obvious ones are pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM). The nozzles in industrial pressure washers have to be able to handle the soap ingredients that are being used. There are also other factors related to industry compliance

Finally, it’s important to think about safety when matching industrial pressure wash soaps to different cleaning tasks. Some pressure washing soaps contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous if applied incorrectly, so it’s important to make sure the overall environment is safe and to use personal protective equipment where necessary.

Syntec Supplies Pressure Washer Soap for Your Industry

At Syntec, we make a variety of industrial pressure washing soaps and a private label version of these products for companies that have specialized needs. We’re Synthetic Labs, and if you have an industrial cleaning task where pressure washing is required, we can supply you with an effective cleaning solution. 

Check out our brands and products, you can also reach us by phone at 978-957-2919 or via email at Contact us today!

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