Industrial Roof Wash

In many industrial environments, the roof is the most important part of the overall structure. It provides basic protection, of course, but in some industrial scenarios, the roof is also designed to provide temperature regulation and specific types of storm protection, which are essential for many industries. 

Keeping an industrial roof clean, however, is another matter entirely. It requires specific products and procedures, not to mention ongoing maintenance which is a crucial element of any roof maintenance process. Given all that’s involved, it’s extremely worthwhile to look into those requirements, especially when it comes to the products used to clean roofs like industrial roof wash. 

Why Industrial Roof Wash and a Clean Roof is Important?

Basic structural and storm protection is important, and so is temperature regulation. But there are other reasons why it’s important to do regular roof washing.

Here are some of the major ones:

  • Protect from Damage from Contaminants: Industrial roofs are much more prone to accumulate dirt, grime, moss, and other contaminants than their residential counterparts. These contaminants can accumulate moisture, which can lead to damage to material, e.g., rust in a metal roof. 
  • Aesthetics: A well-maintained roof simply looks better, and that plays into the perception of a business for potential customers, around the community, and within the community. A clean roof says that your business is thriving, and it can even attract business in certain instances.
  • Compliance: Many industries have rules and regulations that pertain to the condition of the roof. Some of these rules are about safety, while others are based on environmental reasons. Non-compliance can lead to a variety of legal issues, not to mention fines and other financial issues.

The Roof Cleaning Process Using Industrial Roof Wash

While every individual roof is different and roof types can vary according to specific industries and the purpose of the buildings, there are common steps involved in using industrial roof wash.

Here are a few:

  • Inspect and assess the roof: This first step is one of the most important steps. A thorough inspection can identify structural issues, possible roof damage, and areas that may require special procedures or extra cleaning.
  • Secure the work area to ensure safety: Depending on the industry and the specific roof washing procedures, it’s important to make sure that both the roof and the area, in general, are clear of debris and obstacles. Safety barriers are often part of that process, as well as personal protective equipment for any workers who may be working in areas where a fall can occur.
  • Product and equipment selection: The nature of the roof will help determine what equipment will be used for washing and whether that equipment involves pressure washing, a simple rinse, or the direct use of specialized cleaners. All of the equipment used must be in good working condition, and safety procedures may be necessary if the equipment needs a power source.

The cleaning product selection process will depend on the roof materials, the exact condition of the roof, and how thorough the cleaning process needs to be. It may be necessary to use biocides or algaecides, and environmentally safe cleaning products may be involved as well.

Hot or Cold Water Roof Cleaning

Hot Water Cleaning for an Industrial Roof

The choice between hot and cold water to clean an industrial roof is more complex than many people realize.

Here are some industries and situations where hot water cleaning is usually important:

  • Roofs exposed to oil or grease contamination: Grease and oil deposits are common in factories, automotive facilities, and restaurants, and hot water is often necessary to break up these deposits, especially in situations where the roof hasn’t been cleaned regularly and the buildup is heavier.
  • Chemical residue issues: Many industries use powerful chemicals that can leave a residue on the roof, and once again, hot water may be necessary to break up this residue.
  • Organic growth: Roofs that have built-up residue of moss or algae almost always need hot water cleaning, largely because the higher temperatures can kill and dissolve the growth more effectively.

Cold Water Cleaning for Industrial Roofs

Certain roofs don’t react well to hot water cleaning, and cold water must be used along with the appropriate cleaning products.

Here are some of the requirements for different kinds of roofs:

  • Asphalt: Cold water is almost always used for asphalt roofs, and these kinds of roofs can appear in both industrial and residential settings.
  • Concrete: Concrete roofs are typically tough enough to stand up to the rigors of cold water pressure washing, and the water pressure is often necessary to break up accumulated dirt, grime, and other contaminants to clean this kind of surface.
  • Metal: While metal roofs aren’t exclusively cleaned with cold water, it can be very effective when contamination is light and the contaminants haven’t adhered to the surface.

What is a No-Damage Industrial Roof?

Here are the various characteristics that are part of a no-damage industrial roof:

  • Structural integrity
  • Water-tight with no visible damage or contaminant buildup 
  • Tight warranty compliance
  • Sufficient insulation and thermal protection
  • Proper flashing and sealing

How to Clean No-Damage Industrial Roofs?

No-damage industrial roofs typically require special procedures and materials. These include soft bristle brushes, non-abrasive cleaners that are environmentally friendly, and solutions that are compatible with the roofing material.

These materials often must be sprayed on with a low-pressure sprayer, and all equipment must be selected to meet the manufacturer’s recommendations. Abrasive materials and harsh scrubbing must be avoided at all costs. 

It’s important to document all procedures, including cleaning dates, the equipment and products used, and any issues identified during cleaning. Treatments may be necessary afterward to maintain cleanliness and prevent recurring cleaning before the recommended intervals.

Syntec Can Meet All Your Industrial Roof Wash Needs

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