Industrial Wood Cleaner

In the world of industrial cleaning, most products seem to be made for high-tech, cutting-edge equipment and applications. However, some industrial cleaning applications include wood cleaning, and for businesses that have this particular need, industrial wood cleaner is an essential product category.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to industrial wood cleaners, though, whether it’s the applications, the cleaning steps and processes, or the ingredients in the products themselves. What follows is a quick review of some of the basics and essentials in the world of industrial wood cleaners. 

Applications for Industrial Wood Cleaning

While many industries don’t feature a lot of wood in their facilities, a surprising number do, and keeping that wood clean is important.

Here’s a quick review of some industries where industrial wood cleaning is especially critical:

  • Furniture: Furniture manufacturing is one industry that definitely relies on a well-organized factory floor, and that factory floor is full of wood products. Whether those products are chairs, tables, sofas, or sets based on some combination of all these, industrial wood cleaner must be used to clean and repair furniture wood before the assembling, finishing, and packaging process can happen.

Flooring and Floor Cleaners

Hardwood, laminates, and engineered wood floors all have different cleaning needs, and applying the right products is essential.

  • Food Processing: Modern commercial kitchens may feature a wide array of sophisticated equipment, but wooden cutting boards and utensils are still frequently used, and they have to be carefully cleaned to maintain food safety standards. 
  • Sports Facilities: Large indoor arenas are full of wooden surfaces, from courts to bleachers to different kinds of athletic equipment. Industrial wood cleaner is used to maintain all of these and keep them in ideal, like-new condition. 

Different Types of Industrial Wood Cleaning Products

There are many different types of industrial wood cleaning products, starting with basic cleaners that remove dust, dirt, and light surface contaminants. Many consumers are familiar with the off-the-shelf versions of these products, but there are also specialized versions that are industry-specific.

Another variation on this cleaning theme is furniture and floor cleaners. Once again, some of these products are available off-the-shelf in any number of retail settings, but the ones used in furniture manufacturing or laminate floors are very specialized.  

Finally, there are other products that land squarely in the specialty category. These include mold and mildew removers, many of which are designed to handle the growth that can mar wood in humid environments. Analogously, wooden bleach products can be used to remove discolorations, and they’re also used in restoring antiques and damaged furniture.

Heavy-duty wood cleaners are just that. They’re used in industrial environments where wood takes a beating and dirt, grease, and grime can build up to an especially large degree. 

Effective Ingredients in Industrial Wood Cleaners

Some of the ingredients in industrial wood cleaners are common to nearly all commercial cleaners. These include solvents, surface cleaners—which are also known as surfactants—and chelating agents that are used to remove metal ions that can stain and discolor wood. But many aren’t.

Here’s a partial list of the cleaning ingredients that tend to apply specifically to wood:

  • Wood Conditioners: These products are used to enhance the natural appearance of wood, especially its color, and they also provide protection against moisture, UV rays from sun exposure, and so on.
  • pH Balance Formulas: To maintain the appearance of many wood products used in different industries, products that are pH balanced are essential to prevent damage to the structure and finish of various kinds of wood.

Furniture Cleaner Spray

  • Natural Oils: If you’ve ever used linseed or lemon oil on your furniture, you have a basic idea of what these products are about. They moisturize and nourish the wood, and they also enhance appearance while preventing cracking and drying.
  • Stain Removers: The stain removers that are applied to wood products have a very specific chemical composition that allows them to deal with stains from water, rust, and tannin.
  • Anti-Reversion Agents: These products are designed to prevent a phenomenon known as tannin reversion, which can darken or discolor certain woods like redwood or cedar. 

Customized Formulas Applied with a Spray Mop or Microfiber Mop

These are especially important in the world of industrial wood cleaners. Hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic woods all have specific cleaning needs, and these products are precisely formulated to meet them. 

How Industrial Wood Cleaners are Applied and Used?

Industrial wood cleaners must be applied and used in a very specific series of steps.

Here are the basic ones:

  • Ventilate and prepare the work area: Many industrial wood cleaners emit fumes that can be toxic and even dangerous, so proper ventilation is essential. In addition, products that can’t be exposed to these cleaners must be isolated, protected, or removed. 

Vacuum Cleaner Use When Applying Wood Cleaners

  • Dust and surface preparation: For some industrial wood applications, removing surface dust and dirt prior to application is essential, as it allows subsequent products to perform well and do their specific jobs.
  • Apply the cleaner: It’s important to dilute the product properly and follow the manufacturer’s formula in this process. Also, be sure to use the right applicator, whether it’s a sponge, a soft cloth, or a mop or brush specially made by the manufacturer.
  • Scrub or agitate: Once again, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep from scratching the surface of the wood. It’s also vital to let the applied products sit for the applied period—this is called the “dwell time”—then allow the wood to dry and apply a finish or coating if necessary.
  • Dispose of cleaning materials: In any industrial or manufacturing environment, disposal of cleaners and any waste products that are produced is essential. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, not to mention any compliance regulations and environmental laws and requirements that are applicable. 

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