Private Label Concrete Wash

When it comes to building maintenance, concrete wash plays a pivotal role. For companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners who rely on concert buildings for their livelihood, the concrete wash puts a shine on those buildings. It’s also an important part of building maintenance, and private label concrete wash is a popular choice for businesses that need proprietary cleaning formulas. 

What is Concrete Wash?

Concrete wash also goes by a couple of other names—slurry is the vernacular term it goes by, and it’s also referred to as concrete wash mix. In many applications, concrete wash acts as a decorative finish, as it provides a weathered or distressed look that fits with the overall look of the building.

Private Label Concrete Wash: Industrial vs Commercial Uses

There are several industrial uses for concrete wash, but one of the most popular is in construction and building. It’s frequently used by contractors, along with companies and service businesses that provide essential cleaning.

Retail use is very different. Private label concrete wash products are sold in retail outlets, big box home improvement stores, and hardware stores. Common applications include driveways, patios, and other areas where concrete is part of the mix. 

How Private Label Concrete Wash is Applied as a Product?

There are several important steps involved in applying concrete wash. Before this can be done, the surface of the concrete must be carefully cleaned.

The next step is to mix the private label concrete wash. This is done using water, along with an adhesive and a pigment that’s usually dark in color. In the case of private label products, the exact composition depends on the needs of the buyer, the recommendations of the supplier, and the intended appearance.

Private label concrete wash is typically applied using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Usually, these products are applied slowly on a section-by-section basis so the concrete wash doesn’t dry before the entire surface is finished. This helps to get a uniform look. 

There are several small additional steps that may be taken to get the desired look. One is to use a broom for finishing. The mix can also be scrubbed lightly with small brushes. Other specialty tools will create texture, and some of the underlying concrete may be left exposed to create a unique appearance.

The final step in the process is curing and sealing. The curing time depends on the formula, the environmental conditions, and the desired look. The sealer is applied at the end of the process to help enhance the appearance and lock in the texture and color. 

Private Label Concrete Wash Provides Variety and Keeps Weather from Taking a Toll

While the goal in some projects is to get a weathered but pristine appearance, in some applications rougher is better. These include projects where a rustic or antique look is desired, and in these situations, the specific private label formula is an essential element of the overall image of the business. 

Ingredients in Private Label Products Like Concrete Wash

Because concrete wash is essentially an add-on product designed to add to appearance, the ingredients are very different from those of concrete cleaning products. This is especially true of private label products, which are tailored by manufacturers to meet the needs of buyers.

Still, there are common ingredients across all private label ingredients, with water being the most obvious one.

Here are some of the others:

  • Portland Cement: Unlike traditional cement, Portland cement is a binding agent. It gives the wash structural integrity, and it can be varied to provide different levels of roughness in the final product.
  • Aggregates: As their name implies, aggregates can be any number of ingredients used to create or enhance the rough appearance. Sand or fine gravel are the two most common aggregates, with the amount added varying according to the ingredients specified in the private label formula.
  • Pigments: These are added to give the private label concrete wash color. They’re usually on the darker side, but there is some variation depending on the desired aesthetics. Iron oxide is the most common pigment, but other coloring agents may be used as part of the mix.
  • Admixtures: These are added to change or modify the properties of the mix, and in private label concrete wash they can vary greatly. Plasticizers, for instance, make the slurry easier to work with, while accelerators will speed up curing and retarders will slow it down.
  • Bonding Agents: These are applied to the mix to help it adhere to certain concrete surfaces, including smooth surfaces and uneven surfaces that can’t be leveled.

Benefits of Private Labeling for Concrete Wash

While private label products provide a variety of benefits that cut across multiple industries, they do offer several that are specific to concrete cleaning and finishing.

The biggest of these is customization. Applying concrete wash is about getting a specific look, and private label formulas are ideal for doing exactly that. They can be individualized to be unique or modified to mimic the appearance of more expensive concrete wash products.

Competitive pricing is also somewhat unique to concrete wash. Concrete wash products have to be designed to meet the specific needs of both industrial customers who are established professionals and DIY types who buy concrete wash at the local big box home improvement store as part of their project. Private label concrete wash products can be designed and altered to meet these specific needs.

Concrete wash buyers also need the kind of quality control that private label products are excellent at providing. The effectiveness of adding concrete wash is often integrally tied to getting the custom formula right, and longevity issues are part of the customization process as well. 

Syntec Provides a Wide Array of Private Label Concrete Wash Products

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