Private Label Degreasers

In the world of cleaners, degreasers are the heavy lifters. They’re also versatile—most consumers and ordinary folks have used them to wash dishes or do cleanup on any number of home-based projects. Degreasers also do their heavy lifting work in any number of industries.

That makes them an ideal fit as a private label product, where they turn up in all sorts of projects. Given the combination of strengths they offer, they’re well worth looking into, so let’s take a deep dive into the world of private label degreasers. 

Private Label Degreasers—Consumer Applications

Let’s talk about the consumer side of private label degreasers. Household applications top the list—think kitchen cleaning, automotive projects, and household appliances.

Consumers who need degreasers to perform these tasks often turn to private label degreasers, either because they’re discount brands or specialty products that offer a higher level of excellence when it comes to performance.

And they’re not the only ones. Furniture cleaning in a household environment is often done with private label degreasers, along with barbecue and grill cleaning and boating and marine equipment. Once again, private label products may be discount offerings or specialty products, depending on the project and the cleaning to be done. 

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Private label degreasers are extremely common in several different industries. The restaurant industry is one of the most obvious ones, and the private label products applied in these kitchens and service areas have to be able to handle a variety of tough tasks. 

Degreasing is also a routine need for industrial machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing is one, here are some of the other most common ones:

  • Construction and building maintenance: In construction, degreasers are used to clean equipment, which often gets heavy-duty usage. The uses for private label degreasers are different in building maintenance, and they often involve lighter cleaning tasks that nonetheless require specialty private label products. 
  • Agriculture: Farming equipment takes a beating, and the kind of grease buildup in agriculture is serious business. Companies rely on private label degreasers to keep this equipment up and running. They’re also used in food processing facilities that are part of many agricultural businesses.
  • Aerospace: Most people don’t think of degreasing when they consider aerospace needs, but if you consider the issues that come with maintaining aircraft parts and engines, it makes sense that they would use a variety of degreasers.
  • Janitorial services: This one is more obvious. These services use private label degreasers for a wide range of cleaning tasks, which means a variety of private label degreasers are employed. 

Key Ingredients and Chemicals in Private Label Cleaning Degreasers

Some of the ingredients in private label degreasers are common to many cleaning products. These include surface cleaners, solvents, and builders, all of which have to be blended together in the proper ratio to break down and remove heavy grease deposits.

Several other ingredients are important as well, however. Emulsifiers are used to disperse grease or oil in water, which helps break grease deposits down into smaller particles. From there, it can be rinsed away. Rinse and removal is another separate step and must be done thoroughly to ensure that all residue is removed. 

Because grease deposits can be especially hard to remove, mechanical agitation is often required to push the process along. This can be done manually with a brush, or sometimes machines with brushes are used to penetrate and dislodge difficult grease stains.

Another step that’s critical in the use of degreasers is called the dwell time. This refers to the amount of time the degreaser is allowed to sit on a deposit, and it’s often tightly specified in private label products.

While safety isn’t an ingredient per se, it is an important element of the entire degreasing process. That means proper ventilation, the use of personal protective equipment, and doing prep work to make sure the private label degreaser is a good match for the product being performed.

Custom Advantages for Buyers: What To Know?

Given the wide range of uses for degreasers, many buyers need custom formulas. Going with private label products allows them to work closely with manufacturers who often have specialized expertise. In some cases, manufacturers already have an appropriate formula that can be tweaked or added to in order to get the job done.

Having a unique private label degreaser can be a differentiator for many of these purchasing companies. Their exclusivity often makes them special, and this in turn promotes customer loyalty. 

For retailers who are selling private label degreasers, these products increase their profit margins in an industry where those margins are small to begin with. In addition, they save retailers the cost of brand licensing and the marketing fees associated with them. 

Finally, having a quality private label degreaser can be an excellent complement to other cleaning product lines. This kind of diversification is especially beneficial in industries that use a wide array of cleaning products. 

Advantage for Sellers: What To Know?

Sellers often get many of the same advantages when they offer private label degreasers as buyers. 

Take exclusivity as an example. Offering an exclusive private label degreaser allows sellers to control all aspects of product distribution, marketing, and product availability, building a dedicated customer base that leads to a steady, ongoing revenue stream.

Many cleaning product manufacturers often have the knowledge to produce custom, private label degreasers, so it’s often just a matter of tweaking the formulas in their database to meet a slightly different need for a given buyer.

Finally, there’s the enhanced customer experience that usually comes with a well-marketed private label degreaser that performs up to expectations. This benefits both buyers and sellers and makes them partners in continuing to meet customer demands.

Syntec Provides a Wide Array of Industrial Degreaser Products

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