Private Label Laundry Detergents

Regardless of your business or your goals, there are many ways to start a brand. The most personal way to do this is to come up with a way to “sell” your talent, or something about you that you think people would want to buy. Or you can become an entrepreneur and invent a product, then build that product into a brand. 

But there are other ways. One is via a private label, which you can use to start your own private label laundry detergent brand, complete with your own name, formula, ingredients, and packaging. 

As unlikely as this sounds, the process of starting or using private label laundry detergents is common in many industries. It serves a variety of needs and purposes, and many of those industrial applications make it well worth looking into. 

What are Private Label Laundry Detergents?

Simply put, a private label laundry detergent is a specially formulated detergent created by a manufacturer to sell to entrepreneurs and businesses. 

And while this is occasionally done on a small scale for individual customers—e.g., industry celebrities or influencers who have the selling power to justify creating their own brand—it’s typically done to service a variety of industries. 

Once you get past that basic definition, there are many variations on a theme when it comes to how private label laundry detergents are created. 

To get a better idea of how this process happens, let’s take a closer look at some of the industries that use private label laundry detergents and some of the brand and ingredient variations. 

Industries that Use Private Label Laundry Detergent Products

In some industries, private label laundry detergents are used in part to create the appearance of luxury. This is definitely true in the case of the hospitality industry, where these detergents are created and then customized to match the hotel’s branding preferences, sometimes with special fragrances and formulas. 

In other applications, though, private label laundry detergents fill a very specific cleaning need. Here are some industry applications where that’s definitely the case.

Healthcare Needs Can Be Supplied by a Detergent Manufacturer

Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes have strict cleaning standards that must be met by all products, including laundry detergents. In some cases, these standards are designed to help prevent infection and the spread of germs and bacteria, so the exact formulation is very important.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities Need Liquid Cleaning Solutions

In these environments, private label laundry detergents often have to be formulated to meet a demanding list of cleaning requirements. Uniforms and textile products take a beating, and most normal laundry detergent formulas simply aren’t up to the task of cleaning them. 

Food Service and Restaurants

Service workers in these settings are exposed to grease, oil, and any number of other contaminants. Once again, a commercial laundry detergent may not be capable of getting the job done, so private label detergents step up to provide the necessary level of cleanliness. 

Ingredients and Brand Variations

As you can imagine, there are many variations when it comes to ingredients in private label laundry detergents, and some of the variations are based on building or strengthening a specific brand.

Seeing some specific examples can help show how the process works, so let’s list a few:

  • Optical brighteners and color agents: These two ingredient types are especially prevalent in the hospitality industry, where appearances are very important to the success of both the brand and the business.
  • Stain-resistant additives: These are useful in private label laundry detergents that service a variety of industries, including food service and automotive service facilities, among others.
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients: These are helpful in any number of healthcare facilities where the spread of contaminants can cause or aggravate allergies. They’re also important in clean room environments, where the compliance standards tend to be much higher and they can be formulated precisely to meet those standards.

What are the Advantages of Private Label Laundry Detergents?

There are two distinct sets of advantages that come with supplying and using private label laundry detergents, one for the buyer and one for the seller. 

Buyer Advantages

These include cost savings, especially when wholesale purchases are involved. Some of these savings result from customization, which can lower costs by meeting specific buyer needs. 

In addition, using private label laundry detergents can help improve brand consistency. This is true in industries like hospitality, for instance where these products make the brand more noticeable in more locations. 

Another hospitality advantage is exclusivity. This is true of many industries, though—settling on a private label laundry detergent can help prevent supply disruption and improve the image of individual businesses. 

Combine all of these advantages—and keep in mind that this is just a partial list—and what you get is an improvement in profit margins. This helps give companies flexibility when they choose and purchase products in other areas, which provides even more maximization. 

Other advantages include the ability to control the ingredient mix, and then do bulk ordering to deliver products to market faster. 

Seller Advantages

Coincidentally, sellers can reap their own version of some of the same advantages as buyers when it comes to private label laundry detergents. Having established client accounts can help raise profit margins, and it gives these companies a hand in brand control. 

In commercial settings, private label laundry detergents can be used to promote customer loyalty. The excellence of these products, whether perceived or real, will lead to loyal consumers who continue to return to the same online or physical stores to continue to buy these products.

Finally, private label laundry detergents can help reduce development costs. Established formulas mean less testing and tinkering with product formulas, which makes it easier to manufacture these private label laundry detergent brands.

Syntec Can Meet All Your Private Label Laundry Detergent Needs

At Syntec we’ve been making private label laundry detergent products for years, and we operate under the company name of Synthetic Laboratories, Inc. If you have a cleaning need that involves private label laundry detergents, we can help you get there, both financially and with the necessary formula and ingredients. Check out our brands and products, you can also reach us by phone at 978-957-2919 or via email at Contact us today!

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