Private Label Pressure Wash Soap

When it comes to industrial cleaning, few substances are more powerful than pressure wash soap. It’s found in a variety of industries, and many companies use it so much that they need to create their own private label pressure wash soap to handle their cleaning needs.

There are a lot of steps in the process of making private label pressure wash soap and getting the ingredients right can be tricky. Given the issues, it’s worth taking a look into the private label process to see how it all works.

Why Pressure Wash Soap and Pressure Washer Products are Necessary?

Almost any kind of cleaning that involves pressure washing is a specialized task. That means the soaps that are used have to be specifically designed for pressure washers. They need to fit the specs that come with the nozzle head of the pressure washer and can’t contain bleach, as it can damage the pressure washer. 

It’s worth the extra work, though. The formulas used to create private label pressure wash soap provide the kind of deep cleaning that many industries need. In some instances, their use is preceded by a prewash with normal detergents to make sure the pressure washing can do the job right. 

Typical Ingredients Used in Private Label Pressure Wash Soap Brands

While the ingredients used in these kinds of soaps vary widely, there are certain ingredient categories that typically occur in all of them.

Start with surface cleaners, which are also known as surfactants. These break up and lift dirt from the surface of whatever’s being cleaned. In pressure wash applications, they typically contain ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate and laureth sulfates, many of which are proprietary when they’re formulated for private labels.

Solvents are another staple in private label pressure wash soap. These are designed to dissolve different kinds of stains, oils, and contaminants, and then remove them accordingly. Some of the names will seem familiar if you’ve used household cleaning products—isopropyl alcohol, glycol ethers, and other related compounds are just a few.

Fragrances and dyes are also part of the mix, along with emulsifiers, thickening agents, and preservatives. An attractive odor is important in many industrial applications, as is a long shelf life. 

Benefits of Private Label Pressure Wash Soap and Washer Concentrate for Buyers

There are many benefits that are common to private label soaps, but some are specific to pressure washing. These include products formulated to fit a specific pressure washer or products designed specifically to clean equipment, vehicles, or a variety of surfaces. 

Here are some other factors for buyers to consider:

  • Competitive Advantage: A private label specially created for a given business can be a huge differentiator in certain industries where companies are selling similar products under a more generic brand name.
  • Profit Margin and Cost Savings: While it might seem counterintuitive, private label pressure wash soap can cut costs and increase profits. The initial outlay to create the brand may be significant, but over time the level of control over the product can really pay dividends.
  • Quality Control: Creating a private label for pressure wash soap represents the ultimate form of quality control. The formula is both specific and known, and it can be altered at any time to meet different marketing needs. Add in an exclusive distribution network that buyers get to establish, and it’s a major win-win across the board.

Seller Benefits for Private Label Pressure Wash Soap

Some of the benefits of private labels for sellers are simply mirror-image versions of the ones buyers enjoy. 

Profit margin is one. While buyers enjoy the margins provided by a custom product, sellers get to benefit from their higher margins as well. This is because they’re producing a custom product priced to provide a better return than the ones provided by major national brands.

Enhanced supplier relationships are another major benefit. Rather than selling to the market at large, sellers create an ongoing relationship in which the level of trust typically increases over time.

Finally, sellers should consider the advantages of private label pressure wash soap when it comes to anticipating market trends. In many instances, the requests that come from buyers can be a harbinger of a growing demand, or of other market trends on the horizon that are about to become important.

Industry Example: Private Label Pressure Wash Soap for Vehicle Cleaning

Vehicle cleaning might seem like a one-soap-fits-all kind of application, but in fact, the opposite is true. Detergents to clean vehicles are all designed differently, with specific formulas for boats and cars, and even more specialized formulas for motorcycles and RVs. 

Why? Because the dirt, debris, and contaminants accumulated on vehicles over time are different. Your car or truck will accumulate dirt, road salt, and dead insects, which require a different treatment than the water and algae that deposit on your boat.

If you have a motorcycle or RV, you’ll be dealing with exposed components when you go to clean these vehicles, not to mention decals, compartments, and specialized paint jobs for some vehicles. Use the wrong detergent, and you could end up stripping the paint or damaging the vehicle itself.

Other Industries Where Private Label Pressure Wash Soap is Beneficial

There are many other industries where private label pressure wash soap is beneficial.

Here are a few:

  • Construction: Pressure washing is an established cleaning method in the construction industry. It is used by construction companies, contractors, and building maintenance companies. Both large-scale and niche companies can benefit in different ways by having a private label for their pressure wash soap.
  • Agriculture: Agriculture equipment tends to take a beating, so pressure wash products are a staple in this industry as well. Pressuring wash soap is also used to keep animal housing areas clean, and private labels can be used to establish brands, depending on the application.
  • Aviation: Pressure washing is essential to keep planes and aviation equipment clean. It’s also used in maintenance facilities. Private label pressure wash soap provides significant benefits for both the airlines and the companies that service them.

Syntec Has the Knowledge and Expertise to Design Private Label Pressure Wash Soap

At Synthetic Laboratories, Inc., we’ve been designing and formulating industrial cleaning products for years under the Syntec umbrella, and that includes private label pressure wash soap. If you have an industrial cleaning task, we have a solution that will meet all your cleaning needs, and if necessary we can design a private label product for you. Check out our brands and products, you can also reach us by phone at 978-957-2919 or via email at Contact us today!