Private Label Wood Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning services, wood cleaning is one of the more specialized niches. Wood cleaning is used by homeowners and other individual consumers, as well as many industries that offer both broad and specific wood cleaning services. 

Because wood cleaning needs tend to be so diverse, private label wood cleaner products are an important part of the cleaning equation. While it’s not easy to get a handle on the full scope of what they clean and the industrial environments in which they do it, it is fairly simple to touch base with most of the basics.

Why Private Label Wood Cleaner Products?

In the world of cleaning products, wood cleaners are ideally suited for private label transactions and applications. 

Why? Because many wood products are unique, and so are the purchasing scenarios. One simple example would be to think of companies that do kitchen renovations. Many of those companies offer custom cabinets, and the cleaning products for those cabinets need to be specially formulated.

Enter the private label scenario. Kitchen renovation companies can create a private label that offers cleaning products for every type of wood they use to create their cabinets. 

Other Custom Private Label Wood Cleaner Product Examples

From there, it’s easy to jump to other examples. Furniture and flooring companies both use wood in unique ways as well, so manufacturers could realize a number of significant benefits from creating their own private label wood cleaner products.

Here are some other examples:

  • Woodworking shops: These shops do a lot of custom work using expensive wood, so the cleaning specifications are both exacting and demanding. Creating a private label for their cleaning products is an excellent way to stand out, build their brand, and potentially create more visibility as they sell these cleaning products to customers.
  • Retailers and e-commerce sellers: Big box stores that offer a wide array of home improvement products often create private label wood cleaners to compete with offerings from large manufacturers.  In some instances, the goal is to offer a discount product, but another formula is to offer pricier private label options for high-end wood cleaning and care. This option has considerable financial potential for those companies and businesses that at least have a foothold in this market.
  • Restoration for antique vendors: Antiques are big business, and so is furniture restoration. These wood items need to be cleaned effectively, and in some instances, private label wood cleaners are the best way to do that. 

How Private Label Wood Care Cleaning Products are Created?

In some ways, the process of creating a private label wood cleaner product is more demanding than creating a private label cleaning product in industries with more generic cleaning needs.

Businesses like woodworking shops, custom furniture makers, and other similar entities have very specific demands for their cleaning products. 

That means these entities have to come up with their own formula, which product suppliers then have to supply, and after that, there’s plenty of back and forth involved in tweaking these formulas to get the ingredients right.

For most of them, it’s well worth the effort. A private label wood cleaner is a prestige product for many of these businesses, and some even use these products to create a separate entity by selling them to customers or consumers in general. 

The Ingredients in Private Label Chemical Wood Cleaner Products

It’s fair to ask whether the ingredients used to make private label wood cleaner products are different from their more generally available consumer counterparts.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients that go into making them:

  • Stain removers: For many wood products, certain specific stains are anathema, either because they can cause damage or they just don’t fit the cleaning formula. Private label products, however, are a great way to enhance or create a brand by using ingredient formulas that are specially designed to eliminate those stains. Some common examples of this would be wine, ink, or grease, but obviously, there are many other possibilities.
  • Solvents: Wood products need to be cleaned with specific solvents, so this is another area where private label wood cleaners are ideal. For this application, the relevant ingredients are ethanol, glycol ethers, and isopropanol.
  • Fragrances and preservatives: Many of the wood products on which private label wood cleaners are used aren’t exactly backroom, invisible products. They’re front and center in many homes, and some of those homes are high-end and expensive. That means the products used to clean them have to have a pleasant smell that fits the look and feel of the specific wood being cleaned.  Private labels with attractive fragrances are the best way to meet that need, and preservatives are used to extend the effectiveness of these products and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can ruin the wood finish they’re designed to maintain.

Benefits of Private Label Wood Cleaners

There are many potential benefits for both buyers and sellers when the decision is made to create private label wood cleaner products.

Let’s cover a couple of buyer benefits:

  • Quality control and cost savings: This combination is hard to beat. Quality control is an essential element of sound wood cleaning practices, so why not get it on a private label with a proprietary formula? The initial outlay to create these private label products may be significant, but by ordering in bulk and maintaining the private label over time, significant cost savings can be realized.
  • Customization and brand loyalty: These two go hand-in-hand as well. Custom private label products allow buyers to create a unique product with specific scents and fragrances, and once customers see that those products work, brand loyalty tends to grow over time, especially if these products are exclusively offered. On the seller side, private label wood cleaner products represent an ongoing revenue stream in which profits can increase over time, and many of these products can lead to related market opportunities.

Syntec Provides an Effective Array of Private Label Wood Cleaner Options 

At Syntec, we have years of experience designing private label products for many industries, including wood cleaning. Our company name is Synthetic Laboratories, Inc., and if you have a cleaning task, industrial or otherwise, we have a solution that will meet all your cleaning needs. Check out our brands and products, you can also reach us by phone at 978-957-2919 or via email at Contact us today!

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