ecowash™ Showtime

Roof & House Wash Additive

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Common complaints among house washing professionals are that the cleaners they are using foam but don’t clean well and when used with chlorine, the smell of chlorine can be overpowering. Showtime is a revolutionary new product formulated for the house and roof washing professional to combat these complaint. Showtimeis s much more than just a foam additive. For mold and mildew remediation Showtime can is added to a hypochlorite solution to prolong its effect while allowing in many cases the concentration of bleach to be cut in half. The special foamers in Showtime allow bleach to dwell longer, which allows for more effective results, increased performance and a lower chemical use. For applications that don’t require the use of Bleach based products, Showtime will clean exterior wood and vinyl surfaces to remove dirt, debris, and other environmental debris.  Showtime is formulated with Odor Guard Technology for added performance.

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