Wholesale Wood Cleaner

Wood products play a vital role in nearly every aspect of our lives. They’re an integral part of the structures we live in, and we use them for furniture and even certain utensils. The versatility of wood is unquestioned, and the wholesale wood cleaner products we use to clean and maintain these products have to be just as versatile.

Wholesale wood cleaner products can handle these basic needs, but they do far more than just surface cleaning. They’re used in a number of industries, and in this setting, wholesale buying is often an important part of the financial equation for both the companies that make them and those that use them. 

Why Wholesale Wood Cleaner Products are Necessary?

Wood products come with a wide range of cleaning needs, which is part of why wholesale buying is a necessary part of the business equations for the companies that provide these services.

Here are some of the biggest wood cleaning needs:

  • Dirt and grime removal: This one may seem obvious, but dirt and grime build up in different ways in different kinds of wood products. Destroying surface contaminants like dirt is an essential part of the cleaning process.
  • Stain Removal: Wood is susceptible to a variety of stains from contaminants like oil, grease, mildew, and mold, or from ordinary household usage from things like food and beverages. Wood cleaners need to be able to lift and remove these stains, and the companies that use these cleaners often rely on wholesale purchases as a part of their business formula.
  • Refinishing Applications: Refinishing wood products is a significant niche in the wood care industry, but before it can occur the wood has to be cleaned and thoroughly prepared. The wholesale wood cleaner products used to do this have to provide a smooth surface so that paint, staining products, or sealants can be applied effectively and be reliable over the life of whatever wood products they’re being added to.

Restoration is an analogous process that also requires wholesale wood cleaner products. The process of bringing weathered, gray, or aging wood back to life can be arduous and time-consuming, but cleaners can help cut that time while restoring the original color and providing a natural finish. 

  • Health and safety: This is one of the most oft-overlooked aspects of wood cleaning. As wood products age and accumulate dirt and dust, they can also release allergens and irritants into the air that can make people sick. Wood cleaner products help prevent that, and they can also be used to provide traction on slippery wood surfaces that would otherwise become a safety hazard.
  • Rot and decay prevention: Wood products are especially susceptible to incursions by both insects and fungi. Rot and decay can prematurely age these products and even present an ongoing health hazard. Wholesale wood cleaners help stop that process in its tracks.

All Purpose Cleaner Ingredients in Wood Cleaners

  • Water: It serves as a carrier for other ingredients and it provides the right level of dilution and dispersion for the various cleaning agents. Water may seem like an add-on, but it’s part of the essential balance of wholesale wood cleaner products.
  • Chelating agents: These agents are used to help prevent stains and water spots in wood products by binding and removing metal ions that can cause discoloration on wood surfaces.
  • Fragrances and additives: These products improve the aesthetics of wood products both during and after the cleaning process. They also provide UV protection to guard against sun damage. In addition, they contain anti-fungal agents to deal with mold and mildew, and in some specialized wood applications, they contain specific additives that are absolutely required.
  • Solvents: Solvents are especially important in wood cleaning products. They’re used to dissolve oil, grease, and residues. The most common types are alcohol or citrus-based solvents.
  • Surface cleaners: These are also known as surfactants, and they break down and remove dirt and grease from the wood surface. This allows the cleaning solution to do its job and lift away stains and debris. 

Benefits of Selling Wholesale Wood Cleaner Products for Manufacturers

Given how extensive the need for wood cleaners is, it’s not surprising that wholesale products fulfill a major need.

For manufacturers, these products provide an ongoing source of revenue, which is especially important because wholesale purchases are usually bulk buys. This allows them to produce larger quantities at lower prices. It also helps them take advantage of economies of scale to reduce the cost of production. 

Selling wholesale also streamlines the distribution process. Manufacturers can ship larger quantities to a single destination, which simplifies logistics and makes it easier to ship large purchases to specific retail locations.

Partnerships are an important byproduct of these financial elements. Buyers who make significant wholesale purchases come to rely on suppliers, and the reverse is true as well. That means a stable, ongoing source of revenue and income for both parties. That revenue and income can grow as trust is built. 

More Buyer Benefits to Clean Premium Wood

Wholesale sales put more products on the market, which means more brand exposure. This is true for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, and it can help lead to consumers searching out specific products. 

A larger presence in the industry is another benefit that comes with selling wood cleaner products wholesale. Buyers get this level of exposure and visibility with consumers, while manufacturers get analogous exposure within the industry that will often lead to other companies with similar needs seeking them out.

Finally, wholesale sales can help with diversification. Once a manufacturer gets a solid reputation for being able to supply certain cleaners, companies may demand related products. That means a revenue stream that isn’t dependent on a single product, which also means protection from market diversification.

Help with Testing and Quality Control and Waterproofing Wood

Wholesale buys provide additional raw data that helps companies test and do quality control with their wood cleaner products. That translates to performance improvements, which makes these products more desirable across the market.

Syntec Provides a Wide Array of Wholesale Wood Cleaner Products

Syntec wholesale wood cleaner offerings are just one of the family of products offered by Synthetic Laboratories, Inc. So if you have an industrial cleaning task, we have a solution that will meet all your cleaning needs. Check out our brands and products, you can also reach us by phone at 978-957-2919 or via email at sales@syntecpro.com. Contact us today!